Floor Winterization

Winterization is a great alternative for businesses that can’t afford year round floor treatment. It’s a one time treatment that gets you through the tough winter months.

We developed a service a few years back and it works so well that when we return people always ask for the product that we left behind to get them through the winter.

We stop by a store during regular hours and sweep the floor for prep. We then put down a product with several wax polymers in it leaving a protective coat that will hold up if our plan is followed. Store traffic can walk on the wet floor as its tacky. We dry the floor which usually takes 5 minutes and run a buffer with a thermo-burnishing pad to burn the polymers into the floor leaving the area serviced looking beautiful.

We then leave a gallon of product behind with instructions. As long as the plan is followed the floor will look great throughout the winter until we get there to strip the floors in the early spring months.

If you have any questions or want to speak with us about this service please call for details.