Our Services

What started out as a flooring strip and wax company has now grown to many different types of services. Throughout the years as we have brought our customers the great results they expect and the list of services continues to grow. Full Circle has been involved in strip and wax, parking lot striping, handicap painting, canopy pole, crash bar, dog bone painting, power washing canopies, power washing buildings, vct replacement, concrete polishing, concrete restoration maintenance programs, grout cleaning, grout sealing, and the list continues to grow. With each new service comes improved results, new techiniques and methods to get our customers the kind of results they need to succeed.

Strip and Wax

Stripping and Waxing a floor properly can be difficult. To have it done properly and have it last is another story. There is floor prep, chemicals to consider, weather conditions, the end result, and maintaining the floor.

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Curb and Handicap Painting

Our service is second to none when it comes to curb and handicap painting. With years of experience, we have managed to master the art of parking lot striping and curb painting so we can guarantee you an excellent job.

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Concrete Restoration

Full Circle uses a proprietary product that applies an enzyme down into the concrete which treats and cleans the affected oil and gas area without using any water. The result is that it leaves the area looking practically brand new!

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Canopy Cleaning

Mold, electrostatic particles, dirt, carbons, bugs, and webs, can ruin the appearance of gas station canopies. All it takes is a rainstorm and dirt dripping on a customer’s car to warrant a complaint. It also ruins a store appearance.

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Storefront Cleaning

Storefronts and buildings get all kinds of carbons, mold, airborne pollutants and dirt caught in the mortar joints. There are several ways to approach this and get effective results. There are also ways which can harm or deteriorate the joints.

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Floor Winterization

Don't have a budget for regular wax re-coat, deep scrub and wax? Winterization is a great way to get your VCT floors through the winter. We get that extra coat put down before the bad weather hits and leave you with enough product to get you though the winter.

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