Strip and Wax

Need those VCT floors strip and waxed? Need a floor contractor you can count on? Give us an opportunity to get the job done right. We have thousands of satisfied clients!

Stripping and Waxing a floor properly can be difficult. To have it done right and have it last is another story. There is floor prep, chemicals to consider, weather conditions, wax buildup, the end result, and maintaining the floor.

How about your edges, your baseboards, doors, walls, partitions, are they covered with old wax from years of improper floor maintenance? Many companies will tell you they are doing a strip and wax and actually just be deep scrubbing and adding a few coats of wax to your floor which leads to build up and dirty wax. Then you have a costly problem on your hands to remove all that build up and get the floors done properly.

At Full Circle Facilities Maintenance we offer suggestions based within your budget. Maybe you just need your floors done once a year. Maybe you need quarterly maintenance plan, monthly, bi-weekly, or nightly. We will help you figure out what is best for your floors to look outstanding for you and your clients to enjoy. The end result is a worry free solution that you will be pleased with!

We have many satisfied clients who will gladly vouch for our service and friendliness.