Gas Station Canopy Cleaning

Mold, electrostatic particles, dirt, carbons, bugs, and webs, can ruin the appearance of gas station canopies. All it takes is a rainstorm and dirt dripping on a customer’s car to warrant a complaint. It also ruins a store appearance.

Power washing alone does not get all the electrostatic particles that get stuck to canopies. The other problem is what chemicals are being used? Will they damage a car when they drip dry? Are they legal to use? Are they harming the water supply?

We use only environmentally safe products. The last thing a manager needs is someone asking about what just went down the storm drain.

The area gets coned off in order to keep any overspray away from vehicles even though the products used are safe just in case. We then apply green products that work (please see videos or pictures). The affected area simply gets rinsed away. The spots that we can’t get are electrostatic particles which we use a microfiber brush to remove. Rust and deteriorated metal are the only things that will not come off.

If you look at the videos and pictures the result is a shiny new looking canopy that gives the store a great looking appearance.